why was athenian democracy so groundbreaking

The idea of democracy arose in ancient Greece and it wasn’t until the 17th century that it became widespread. The first real democratic system was the Athenian Republic, which was created in 431 B.C. It lasted just over a hundred years, but it was important because it allowed the Athenians to govern themselves.

What was important was that it allowed the people to actually make their own decisions. Democracy became a movement after that, but the Athenian Republic was just the beginning. The idea of using government to promote your own goals was very important to the Greeks and the Athenians came up with several good ideas about that, like creating the first city-state and giving the people the right to vote.

We know that the Greeks and the Athenians had a very important role in modern society because of their democratic ideals. The American Revolution and founding of the United States came from the same period right in the middle of the first millennium BCE in Athens. The U.S. Constitution was drafted right after the Athenian Constitution, so it’s worth noting that it’s the only written constitution of a major democracy ever, and it was written by the people of the United States.

It seems that athenian democracy was a little different from a lot of the other things we know today. The Athenian democracy was the first in the world to establish a presidential system. It was the first to have a bicameral legislature (the Senate and the House of Representatives). It also had the first form of direct democracy in its constitution (where the people could choose to rule themselves).

This “first” is what we call, democracy. If you don’t like democracy, you don’t like anything. Most of us like democracy. It’s the way we do things. But democracy isn’t the only way to do things. You may have heard of the other form of democracy, the republic. The ancient Greeks called it a polis.

The ancient Greek word for polis was polis (pl.) which means “city” in Greek. Because we have many cities in the world, most of us would say we have a city or polis. But a polis can also mean “country” or “district.” In fact, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, a polis is the “political unit of an urban or rural area.

While ancient democracies did have the power to end their own lives, they did so by a vote of the people. So a democracy is not the way most people live in the world. A republic is a way of life. And they are not the only two ways to live. There is another type of democracy, the republican. It is a form of government that is based on the idea that each person is an equal person, but that each person has the right to rule the government.

The idea of a self-rule government is found in the Greek city-state state (demos, meaning “city”) and the Hellenistic-Roman republic. But Greek and Roman republics were so far apart geographically that they were often called “oligarchy” because they had no central governing body.

As it turns out, demos was the name of a political system in ancient Greece that was quite similar to the modern-day United States. The demos was a government of the people, with a limited number of citizens that were to be elected to represent the interests of the population. It is a form of government that has been in the United States since the early 1800s, but is also found in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand today.

In the United States, this form of government continues to this day, being popular with many of the country’s recent immigrants. This is because it is a form of government that is much more democratic, with the people having a much greater voice in decision making.

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