what did the first qin emperor standardize, enabling china to operate more efficiently?

The first qin emperor standardized China’s military to prevent the country from being invaded by foreign powers, and it also became the country’s model for the construction of a centralized bureaucracy.

The first qin emperor standardized that, in addition to keeping the government separate, the country also had the power to establish and fund a unified, centralized bureaucracy. It was the first time in history China had a unified government over a country.

The second qin emperor standardized a third. The third was the most famous, and by far the most important, qin emperor standardization.

The qin emperor standardization was a step forward, but it also led to a lot of chaos. In the years following the standardization, the government was in chaos, and China became so divided up that it would not have survived without these standardized laws.

That said, by no means did standardized government rules lead to chaos, they led to progress. We’re talking about progress in terms of the standardization of the qin emperor standard, which had been adopted as law by the third qin emperor in a bid to standardize the government. But instead of being unified and acting together, the government in China became divided and chaotic.

The qin emperor standard was the first formalized government set of rules to govern the government of China. It was created by the third qin emperor and became the govt law and order in China for the next 2,500 years. Though China’s government was never perfectly unified or governed by a single government official, it was governed as a single entity.

This was a huge change for China. Previously, the government was run by a government leader, but the emperor was the head of government, and the emperor could appoint and dismiss government officials. If the emperor died or was incapacitated, the government was left in a chaotic state. With a standard and an organization like China’s, things finally started to come together as the government became unified and unified government officials worked together.

As a result, China has been much more efficient in modern China. The first emperor’s rule had a very centralized administration system and made China more efficient.

With a government like the one we have today, it might seem like its organization is less centralized than it has to be. It’s a bit more fluid and less centralized. More specifically, with the government we have today we have more autonomy and more of the government is controlled by the emperor himself.

While the Chinese government has made a lot of progress, it still has some more work to do. We can’t expect the government to be more efficient without having more autonomy and greater freedom of action, which would make it more efficient. However, the government’s work is much more important right now than this is a minor thing. The first emperors realized that China needed to be more efficient in order for them to become more wealthy.

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