was cleopatra ugly

The question is whether or not the character in the film was based on her true face or one that was modeled on an actress that was born with an extremely thin face. Most people have a very thin face and her face was so thin that it was an obvious model for the iconic Cleopatra. It’s only when people look at her face that they realize that she looked like a cross between a woman of the African continent and a woman of the Mediterranean.

Cleopatra was not particularly pretty, but there is a certain amount of beauty to be found in a thin face. Her character was also not very beautiful, but that’s about it. She also had a terrible personal life and was known to commit incest because she slept with her daughters, but that’s a story for another time and place.

She was very much a “bad girl” with a questionable past, but she was also very much a woman of the Mediterranean. She was a descendant of Genoese settlers and a Roman senator’s daughter. She was the only member of the elite family of the Roman Senate with a claim to the throne of Alexandria, Egypt. She was also Roman, and by Roman I mean Roman, but she also lived in Alexandria, which is a very different place than Rome.

The story of Cleopatra and her family is a huge part of the Greek mythology. She was the queen of Egypt and a great power in the Mediterranean world. She killed her mother, her father, and her brother in a love triangle, which is why she slept with her sisters. However, according to the Greeks, Cleopatra was not a bad person, just very powerful. She is said to have been one of the most beautiful women of her time.

Cleopatra lived a long, long life, and despite that she was one of the most powerful women in the ancient world. She was at least as famous as the great Queen Victoria, and most of her subjects were under the impression that she was a ruler of the gods, or at least she was known to be capable of ruling over a few people. But Cleopatra was more powerful than these people.

Cleopatra was a highly educated woman, with a sophisticated style that would make her a hit with the Roman elites who ruled over the Roman Empire. She was a woman who had a lot of power, and she used her wealth and influence to maintain her power. Her beauty, intellect, and power made her a very attractive person to many men. That may have been why she was so beautiful, and why her beauty was so often compared to that of Queen Victoria.

Cleopatra was a very dangerous woman, and certainly one of the most powerful women in history. But it’s important to note that she was a woman who was very attractive to a lot of men too, particularly those who thought they had a lot of power. In fact, Cleopatra was an incredibly beautiful woman, but she was also incredibly powerful. The beauty of Cleopatra comes from her intellect, and her power comes from her wealth, and her beauty came from her own talent.

Cleopatra was the Roman queen of Egypt who ruled over the Mediterranean world for a few years in the 4th century BC. She was actually a very intelligent woman, and had a very clear sense of what was important in life. Her beauty is due to her beauty, but its due to her wealth, intellect and talent. She was also a very ambitious woman and she wasn’t afraid to use her power to keep others in line.

Cleopatra was beautiful, but she was also ambitious, smart, and tough. She was a very smart woman and she knew the value of wealth, even if it was only a bit of money for a small amount of time. She also knew the value of intellect, and her beauty and talents came from her wealth, and her intelligence.

Cleopatra was the most beautiful woman of all time. She was the smartest, the most beautiful, and the most powerful. In fact, all the women of her time were some combination of these things. She was very intelligent and beautiful, and she was also very wealthy.

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