the assassination of emperor severus set off the crisis of the century in rome.

The assassination of emperor severus set off the crisis of the century in rome. When someone who was the enemy of the empire was assassinated, it led to a major outbreak of violence in the entire empire. The violence and bloodshed that ensued caused the death of thousands of people.

It’s an epic story that’s a story of the history of rome, but it’s also a tale of the assassination of an emperor, a pivotal event in the history of the entire empire. When emperor severus was assassinated, rome was torn asunder and many political factions were wiped out. Most people consider the events to have been a time for the people to rise up and kill the murderers, but the truth is far more sinister.

The assassination of emperor severus set off a crisis in rome, and the events of the years leading up to it were the first time in the history of the empire that a new leader had been elected without a vote of the people. People were outraged, and the assassination became a rallying point for the people to rise up and kill the new leader. The people killed the emperor because they didn’t want him to rule them, and they were not happy with his reign.

The assassination of Severus is a historical event in the history of the empire that is worth reading about in its own right, but it’s also part of the backdrop to our story. This is because the people of Rome have been revolting against the emperor from time to time, and in the past they were a constant thorn in the side of the empire. In the year Severus was elected emperor, they assassinated him and the empire fell into chaos.

This was an uprising against the empire that didn’t matter all that much to the Roman people. It seems that it was sparked by a group of nobles who had a vision of the emperor as the savior of the empire. As a result, they created a secret network of assassins (or “plutocrats” as they called themselves) to kill the emperor until he was voted out.

This is one of the biggest mysteries in the history of the empire, but it’s one that has never been explored before. The empire had a huge number of spies, both inside and outside of the empire. They had all kinds of information about the empire, and they didn’t want to give it to anyone. That doesn’t stop them from trying though. In the year after the assassination, emperor Severus was voted out of office, and the empire faced a crisis of its own.

The assassination of emperor Severus was a disaster, not just for the empire, but for the Church. The Roman Church didnt want a crisis of its own, so it decided to find a way to kill the emperor. The first one was a few years later when the emperor’s twin nephew, emperor Claudius was murdered in a civil war. Claudius was actually the son of Severus, so he was the obvious choice.

The church knew that Claudius was the closest heir to the throne, so it was an easy choice to kill him. But it didnt want to kill him, so to stop the crisis it had to assassinate him. On the night of the assassination, the church had a plan B. Claudius was supposed to be assassinated at his own wedding, but the church realized that this wasnt a good idea and decided to assassinate him before the wedding.

It’s easy to see why this is such a big deal. The church is a pretty powerful institution in rome. Its influence is so strong that it often decides the fate of the city. If you don’t have a church that’s power is not very strong. So, if the church knew you were the heir of the empire, it would have a great opportunity to kill you. At that point, it would have the same power as the empire itself.

But it has a much harder price to pay than all the other things: the church has no power to kill you, just the church.

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