The citium plant, or citron, is a beautiful plant that grows in the United States. It is native to California and Florida, and it is a popular ornamental plant in many gardens. Many people find this plant to be quite interesting, and they may consider it to be a type of shrub with leaves and flower clusters similar to those of the hollyhock plant.

Citium is a member of the mint family of plants. It has a tall flowering stem (up to four feet in length), and a large, sweetly scented, lemon-yellow flower. It is hardy throughout most of the United States, and is even grown in New Mexico and Arizona. It is native to Greece, and it is known to be invasive in the United States. According to the USDA, citium is not a “hardy” plant.

Citium is not a shrub, it is a vine. It can grow up to six feet tall and can yield several pounds of flowers and fruit. It has a pungent and slightly bitter taste. It has a beautiful pink color, which makes it more popular than mint. It is easy to grow but very difficult to harvest. Once it blooms, the plant is very hard to prune, and has a tendency to send up giant yellow or red flowers.

Citium is a citrus crop, and can also produce an average of thirty-one new cultivars every year. It isn’t known what to do with this crop. It has been used to make lemon juice and a variety of other citrus products. The citrus crop is native to the United States, but Citium can also be cultivated in other countries.

Citium plants are a small, biennial, flowering plant. It grows in the temperate climates of Northern Europe, and the Mediterranean countries. The crop produces a number of new cultivars every year, and is cultivated for export. It is very difficult to harvest, and grows very fast.

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