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As a Latinist, centauros is the traditional name for the centaur, a giant, mythical animal that roamed the Greek world and was thought to have been a member of the Greek pantheon. Today, the centauros is mostly a metaphor for humans.

Centauros are thought to have once been half human, half centaur, which is also the reason why they are often called the “titans of the world.” There are dozens of centauros statues throughout the world, and the people who find them are often said to be the first humans to walk on Earth.

The centauro is one of the few animals that can be considered a “real” animal. While it is true that the centauros is often shown as a giant, it is also true that they are often shown in a lot of different ways, from being an animal with no human emotions or personality, to being a part of the human race. In fact, many people think of the centauro as both a human and an animal.

The centauro is a real, but rare, mammal. For many centuries, it was thought that it was a type of dolphin. While there is nothing to prove this, there is a good chance that dolphins are actually centauros. It is also possible that the centauro was originally an insect.

Centauros are not actually aquatic mammals, and there is no reason to think that they were. They are instead a group of closely related aquatic mammals. They were first described in the 15th century after a Spanish expedition discovered a group of them living in a cave in Mexico. The expedition’s Spanish explorers decided to investigate what was a possible new animal species.

The animal was named after a Spanish physician, Juan Centauros. Centauro is Latin for ‘little centaur’. It was first mentioned in the late 15th century. It is only the second known amphibian species to be described.

Centauros are not your usual amphibian. Their skin is a darker brown than that of the common frog. The skin has large, sharp teeth and they are covered in a substance called mucus. They are not related to the modern day European toads. Centauros are also not amphibians.

The video game of the same name has been on the menu for almost two years now, and it’s one of our favorite games. It took us years of playing around with a new system of menu options to find the way to find Centauros. We’re pretty sure that Centauros’ hair was red, and we can’t figure out why the skin in the game isn’t quite the same as that in the game.

Because we don’t know who the player is, that doesn’t make us any better, but we do know who it is.

The centauros are a kind of toad species that live in the desert of South America. The one thing that is common between toads and centauros is that they all have a certain level of intelligence. They can speak a common language, but they also have many abilities and are very intelligent. Their bodies are covered with organs and organs that allow them to perform many different functions. They are the easiest to spot, and the greatest threat to humans.

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