buddhist temple during the gupta period

The first buddhist temple built in India was built by a king named Ashoka during the Gupta period. The temple was originally used for religious ceremonies and it was later converted into a residential complex. Though it wasn’t completed until about 300 years later, the temple serves as an example of architectural brilliance. It’s also a living proof that the ancient Indian civilization was not only a place of harmony but also a complex of diversity and complexity.

The Guptas built the temple after they overthrew the previous ruling dynasty and the king they chose as chief architect was named Vishvakarma. He built the temple to keep the Guptas in check and to show them that they’re not really gods. It was said that Vishvakarma ordered the temples to be built from the ground up; he was the first to construct a temple with an underground passage. The temple was finally complete in the 7th century AD.

This was one of the most magnificent temples in the world at the time it was built. It has a lot of interesting symbolism and it was built just as a response to Chinese culture.

The temple was built almost exactly one century after the great empire of the Guptas had collapsed, leaving the Khmer empire in power. It was the first temple built by the Khmer, and the first to survive the Chinese invasion.

As the temple is part of a large religious complex, it becomes very difficult to hide it completely from the public. As a result, many people have moved to the temple and are now actively praying. There are a lot of religious rituals and ceremonies, but most of the time it’s a little scary.

The temple has a long history of being a place of worship by the Khmer, and it’s still a place of worship by the Khmer. There are a lot of temples that are on private land, but this one has grown into a place of worship that has become so big that there are many tourists visiting the temple every day. If you want to go visit it, you’ll find the temple complex is very big, and there’s a lot of activity going on.

the temple was built during the “Guptas” era and was used by the Khmer kings to keep their religion. The temple complex is actually called “Phnom Temples” after the Khmer word. The temple is located outside of the city of Siem Reap, and there are actually several temples surrounding it. It is a very interesting complex with an interesting history of it being a place of worship and being a place of worship by the Khmer kings.

To visit the temple, you first have to get past the gate. Once inside, the Temple complex is basically a massive complex of buildings and temples, with an interesting history. The temple complex itself has a number of temples, each with a number of statues, and a lot of activity going on, but there is no sign of a temple. Once you find the temple, you will find a series of stairs leading down to a huge cavern filled with statues of Buddha.

If you’re a temple person, you get to the temple itself, and while you’re there, you might notice that your temple is totally open, as there are statues of Buddha in every temple. This is probably because the temples have been designed for mass destruction and many of them are massive. While you’re there, the statues of Buddha are also very popular.

There are, however, some temples that are totally open, including the one at the top of the cavern, but they are very rare. The temple at the top of the cavern was probably a temple from the gupta period, but it’s definitely not a Buddhist temple. The statues of Buddha are also incredibly popular.

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